Blogging: A Key Aspect of Financial Advisor Marketing

Financial advisors are becoming more and more marketing savvy in this digital age in which we live.

And that’s not surprising – it’s not really a choice anymore.

The days of advertising in circulars and periodicals seem to be long behind us, with many advisors opting instead to focus on digital marketing such as content marketing and social media marketing.

After all, the Internet is undoubtedly the best way to connect with prospective clients nowadays.   

One component of any digital marketing plan is blogging, or what was originally called web logging.

Traditionally, blogging just involved the written word, but nowadays it encompasses video as well, a process known as “vlogging.”

Whatever medium you decide on, the important thing is to be consistent in getting out your message.

Blogging, or vlogging, both help you establish yourself as an industry expert, since it gives you an opportunity to show off your knowledge of the financial planning world.

Blogging can also help with SEO, or search engine optimization, which is basically your ranking when it comes to online visibility.

If you have a strong web presence, your SEO is high and, in turn, you are more likely to be found by prospective clients who are perusing the Internet looking for financial advisors.

Blogging and vlogging are two key aspects of content marketing that will enable you to get your voice out there in a measureable way so those folks looking to retain the services of a financial advisor know where to turn.

And the length of a blog post or video log isn’t really the most important thing; the key is to simply get in the habit of putting out content on a fairly regular basis so people become familiar with your name and get to know you as a trusted voice within the industry. 

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