A New Year, a New Career … Or a Reinvented One

With the New Year now well underway, there is perhaps no better time to consider a career change.

Statistics show that U.S. workers are changing jobs now more than ever before, so you are certainly not alone if you have decided to try your hand at something new.

If you don’t already work in the financial services sector, you may want to give some thought to joining its ranks.

The need for a personal financial advisor is always going to be there, (yes, we believe this is the case even with all the advances in technology), since finances will likely always be a major part of our lives.

A career in financial advising can certainly be a fulfilling one – and it has the potential to be lucrative as well.

Admittedly we’re a bit biased over here at the Facts of Life Advisor, but still, financial advising seems to be an objectively decent career for those looking to try their hand at something new or different.

There is the potential to help individuals, families and businesses; there is the ability to work remotely if an office setting doesn’t suit your fancy; and there is the opportunity to earn a sizable paycheck.

Of course, any career should be personally rewarding and fulfilling, so if you’re looking for a job where you can make a difference in the lives of people, then this line of work certainly has that potential.   

For those of you who are already working in the world of financial services, especially self-employed small business owners, you may want to consider making changes to your business that will help benefit you in today’s day and age.

For instance, if you don’t make cybersecurity a high priority, think about doing just that.

With the Internet seeming to rule our lives more and more as the years pass, it’s of the utmost importance to ensure your online safety and security.

Having a comprehensive cybersecurity plan means more than just utilizing secured servers and changing logins and passwords frequently.

It also means installing anti-malware software, regularly backing up all data, using multifactor identification and much more.

If you’re the type of advisor who has a bare bones marketing component to your business, you may want to consider beefing up that very crucial aspect of your practice.

You can even consider making your firm a specialty practice, only catering to clients in certain lines of work, for example, or those with specific charters, like nonprofit organizations.

There are countless steps you can take to reinvent your business, and there’s no better time to consider making such changes than at the beginning of a new year.    

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